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Progresif Radio is Brunei Darussalam's first and only app-based internet radio station. Streaming 24/7, Progresif Radio features an easy blend of music — from classic to current, and local to global — for your euphonic pleasure, plus a host of DJs covering entertainment, lifestyle and sports.

Based in Seria, BFBS in Brunei currently broadcasts to the British Forces Garrison, home to a battalion of the Royal Gurkha Rifles and its support units. BFBS also runs part of its Nepalese Radio Services from the same centre. Show more

KRISTALfm, a subsidiary of Kristal Media Sdn Bhd, is Brunei Darussalam’s only commercial radio station. Established in 1999, KRISTALfm transmits on frequency 90.7 & 98.7 FM 24 hours a day, in English and Malay.

Berdasarkan kajian pendengar yang diadakan dua tahun sekali, Pelangi FM terpilih sebagai station nombor satu di Brunei pada 2001, 2003 , 2005 & 2008. Beberapa dj Pelangi seperti Harun, Zura & Zaty berjaya menerima Anugerah Juruhebah Terbaik dalam Anugerah RTB. Zura dan Zaty juga pernah menjuarai Anugerah DJ Popular melalui sms Anugerah RTB.