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Al Falaah FM was commissioned on July 27th 2013, by the Vice President and Minister of Women’s Affairs of The Gambia, Al Falaah FM Radio station is part of Supreme Islamic Council´s renewed commitment to the propagation of the authentic teachings of Islam through broadcasting. The aim of the station is to strengthen the dissemination of authentic values and information of Islam and to enable trusted Islamic scholars contributes to the teaching of Islam.

The Sound of a New Generation: Capital FM is Gambia’s most powerful radio station with the widest coverage on the FM band broadcasting on a single frequency, 100.4 covering the whole of the country and beyond.

Freedom Radio Gambia, is Gambia’s premier online radio. The station covers up-to-date breaking news stories, latest political developments unfolding in The Gambia, Africa, and around the world; the situation of governance on the continent; Show more

As stated above, this page is dedicated to the Gambian Muslim community who dedicate their life in this wolrld entirely to their creator, and abstains from forbidden acts legislated by Allah the almighty. Show more

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